Field-oriented strategies   •   Brilliant implementation

Top-notch full-service graphic design and creative visual solutions for biotech & life science:
translation of the highly-specialized technologies into intelligible graphics

What we do

Corporate identity & branding

Corporate design standards, branding, business cards, websites

Cataloges, Flyers & Ads

Marketing collateral, catalogs, brochures, flyers, handouts, newsletters, direct mail, advertisements, promotional items

Web-sites & SEO

Website design & development, illustrations, interfaces, flash animation

Trade show graphics

Exhibition booths, posters, handouts, distributing materials


Individual themes, animation, cartoons

Package Design

Brand identity, containers, carton

Projects will be announced soon

Scientific Illustrations & animation

Scientific animation, Mechanism of Action cartoons, illustrations, schemes, graphics, publications, posters

Product Photography

Acquisition of high-resolution images in Light-box: crispy 3D-looking packages and bottles in 2D marketing collaterals and web-sites

Image editing & photo retouching


How do we provide value?

    Visualization of the intricate technologies into understandable graphics absorbable by average persons


    Emphasis of the distinctive advantages of client’s technology and business


    Combination of high-quality art works with good sense of “what scientist really need” for the scientist-oriented businesses such as fields of research products, devices and services


    Inside understanding of biotech, life science and health care business


Successful Projects

End-User Countries