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Role: Conception, Design, Development
Year: 2013

The letter “O” of OmniBiome was designed based both on the shape of the traditional Japanese sumi-e (charcoal ink painting) of a circle representing infinite renewal or the endless circle of karma, combined with the ever expanding and color-striped scheme of the phylogenetic spiral or wheel used by scientists for decades to depict the proliferation of all bacterial species from one common ancestor (the single point from which the “O” originates). Thus, this logo reflects the evolution and present grand diversity of the human microbiome, which is comprised of hundreds of species of bacteria.

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OmniBiome Therapeutics is a private company focused on commercialization of therapeutic and diagnostic applications of the human microbiome by means of microbiome transplants and selective bacteriotherapy. Recent research suggests that correcting microbiome dysbiosis will ameliorate or cure numerous infectious diseases (e.g., C. diff.) and autoimmune and metabolic disorders (e.g., asthma, Crohn’s, colitis, diabetes & obesity).