Multidisciplinary competence   •   Extensive experience

Biotech Graphic Design was formed to provide the growing life sciences business with field-oriented professional visual support. We aim to deliver high-quality graphics and sense-based design. We are working to advance biotech industry and to create attractive and comfortable environment for biotech folks.

Our approach is different
  • We rely on

    All work is done by senior designer with at least 20 years of experience. Junior or intern creators will not handle your project.

  • We begin from

    We have built similar projects before. We have answers. We know the best way to move forward.

  • We nourish projects with

    We are working with scientific advisors to develop visual story and ensure proper interpretation.

What do we deliver?
  • Professional, high-quality work

  • Distinguished designs & unique graphics

  • Biotech-sophisticated artwork

  • Delightful timelines

Our Team
Irina Turovets

Irina Turovets

  • 20+ years in graphic design
  • Recognized design projects for biotech industry leaders and academia institutions
  • Hands on scientific experience, patent application in cell technologies and 13 peer-review publications in stem cells

Medicell Technologies, LLC
Scientific Support

MCT is dedicated to facilitating accelerated preclinical development of stem cell & cell therapies.
MCT’s experts:

  • 150+ cumulative years of experience in life science research and biotech business
  • Projects in academia, industry and clinical environments
  • Records of success in cell therapies development and stem cell applications
  • Hundreds citations of peer-review publications and book chapters
  • Contributors into Encyclopedia of Human Biology (Elsevier) and Methods in Molecular Biology book series (Springer)
  • Wide industry and academia connections


Successful Projects

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